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Openlayersmap plugin

logo This page links to some examples of the openlayersmap plugin.

Example pages

A contact sheet of the available icons is available.

Some more test pages


  • Add ssl support for thunderforest maps (2017/11/05 21:24)
  • split() removed in PHP 7 - internal server error (2016/10/20 07:55)
    The split() function seems to have been removed in PHP 7. Because it is still used in StaticMap.php in ver. 4.8 (lines 273 and 277), dokuwiki (Elenor of Tsort) throws an internal server error whenever a map needs o be re-rendered (i.e., after an edit): ~~~ [Mon Oct 17 12:05:07 2016] [-:error] [pid 6108] [client] [host] PHP Fatal error: Uncaught Error: Call to undefined function split() in /is/htdocs/.../dokuwiki/lib/plugins/openlayersmap/StaticMap.php:273\nStack trace:\n#0 /is/htdocs/.../dokuwiki/lib/plugins/openlayersmap/StaticMap.php(593): StaticMap-]placeMarkers()\n#1 /is/htdocs/.../dokuwiki/lib/plugins/openlayersmap/StaticMap.php(663): StaticMap-]makeMap()\n#2 /is/htdocs/.../dokuwiki/lib/plugins/openlayersmap/helper/staticmap.php(99): StaticMap-]getMap()\n#3 /is/htdocs/.../dokuwiki/lib/plugins/openlayersmap/syntax/olmap.php(657): helper_plugin_openlayersmap_staticmap-]getMap('50.0', '5.1', 12, '640x480', 'openstreetmap', Array, '', '', '')\n#4 /is/htdocs/.../dokuwiki/lib/plugins/openlayersmap/syntax/olmap.php(136): syntax_plugin_openlayersmap_olmap-]_getStaticOSM(Array, Array)\n#5 /is/htdocs/.../dokuwiki/inc/parser/handler.php(80): syntax_plugin_openlayersmap_olmap-]handle('[olmap id="Whis...', 5, 13, Object(Doku_Handle in /is/htdocs/.../dokuwiki/lib/plugins/openlayersmap/StaticMap.php on line 273 ~~~ Just replacing the above ocurrences of split() in StaticMap.php with explode() seems to fix this.
  • MapQuest will require a key for tile access shortly (2016/09/20 08:20)
    see: and we already have a key/config option for the static maps access, but not for the tiles.
  • upgrade to OpenLayers 3.x (2015/06/14 09:23)
    rewrite the javascript of openlayersmap and openlayersmapoverlays plugins from 2.x to 3.x optionally it may also be possible to switch to Leaflet instead of OpenLayers...
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