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Openlayersmapoverlays plugin

logo This page links to some examples of the openlayersmapoverlays plugin.

If you're looking for more tile map providers; a large listing is available in:


  • text format overlay (2016/09/20 08:35)
    This feature request came in through mail from Shyamal L.: > I am a very happy user of your excellent work with this plugin and using it create a map of multiple species of ant on this website > Ideally it would be nice to create text layers for each species but I find that there is nothing like that can be used. Is there a way to support that so that I can have overlay layers of POIs.
  • upgrade to OpenLayers 3.x (2015/06/14 09:23)
    rewrite the javascript of openlayersmap and openlayersmapoverlays plugins from 2.x to 3.x optionally it may also be possible to switch to Leaflet instead of OpenLayers...
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